Lyrics Editor: edition of lyrics in an own window

With this Lyrics Editor lyrics can be edited in an own window analogous to the capella lyrics dialogue 'Lyrics'. The size of the window and of the font can be adapted. It is possible to change between different voices.



With the script texts, that are inserted in a normal way, can be divided into syllables. Following languages are supported: de_DE, de_AT, de_CH, nl_NL, en_GB, en_US. The hyphenation rules have to be once downloaded from the internet. For that the menu item “Download Libraries” is intended. Further language packages can be implemented according to needs.

For the hyphenation function the module must be once downloaded from the internet. This will be done with the menu item “install”.

Syllables Dividing Sign

capella uses in the menu ‘Lyrics’ the syllables dividing sign ‘/’. For the insertion of text can be changed between the indication of ‘/’ or a space as sign of syllables division with the button “Change Dividing Sign” For the function hyphenation the dividing sign has to be put on ‘Space’.

Warning: If the script is not correctly finished or loses the focus, capella can crash when the script is evoked again. Take care of it that the dialogue will become visible again by clicking on one of the two mini-windows, that appear when you move the mouse arrow over the capella buttons on the task beam at the lower margin of your computer.

Hint: If the score disappears, possibly that is caused by a script error. By evoking again and finishing the script, the score will be shown again.

For more information – in German language – please go to capellaWiki,